Computers and Calculators.

When not attempting in futility to catalogue all the lighting kit I have, or crawling around under my cars, I like collecting and restoring old electronic kit.  This started out with a late 1960s television, but has since spread to radios.  Some of the vintage computers and calculators I own are shown here as well, because they fit into the subject pretty well too.

You'll have to forgive the photography in the case of these pages being a little less professional than elsewhere on the site - things here are a bit bigger, hence don't fit nicely in my little photographic area I use for the lighting kit!

On the topic of old computers, having recently discovered how nice they are to type on, I am now looking for a Northgate Omnikey Ultra keyboard.  If you've got one of these locked away in your attic or something and would like a good home for it, please feel free to drop me a line!

Vintage Televisions.

Kolster Brandes KV 024 "Deep Scene"

Vintage Radios

Defiant MSH 452 AC

Rigonda Stereo Radiogram

Ferranti Model 146
Cossor Model 575
Murphey Model 186
Invicta Model 32
Murphy Type B31
Pilot Blue Peter
Bush VHF 71
Marconiphone T19A

Vintage Calculators

Texas Instruments TI-30

Vintage Computers

Toshiba T5200/100

Other Vintage Technology

Sony TFM-C580E Clock Radio

The Queue - Things waiting to be fixed...

Mitsubishi CT-2023B Television (set is completely dead).
Hammond T-202 Organ (just scratchy drawbars & a cosmetic tidy up needed...and I need to figure out how to get it up the stairs).
...Shedload of other random tech that I really need to catalogue.

Green = Done/or in the process of soak testing.
Orange = In progress.
Red = Inspected but not yet started/Abandoned/On hold.
White = Not yet inspected.