So it would seem that you have stumbled across my own little corner of the internet.  The main function of this website is to act as a means for me to share my enthusiasm for lighting technology; but there are a few other sections set up as well spanning more general interests.

The lighting sections in the case of more current products (i.e. LED or CFL retrofit lamps) take on a more of a review-like format, while those relating to items of more historical interest are treated in a more appropriate context.

So, take a look at the navigation frame to the left, and pick your destination.  I welcome constructive feedback on everything here, whether positive or not, or just random queries about pretty much anything, and very much enjoy hearing people thought's on the site.  So if you want, drop me a line, response times to email do vary, but I do attempt to respond to every one I get regarding this website. 


13th November 2016:  In response to E-mails from a couple of regular readers, I can confirm that I am in fact not dead.  Nor have I been abducted by aliens.  Life has just been really busy recently and unfortunately the website has been pushed to the back burner a bit.

A new addition will shortly be appearing on the automotive page with my recently bought Lada Riva 1.5E Estate - Yes, I have finally managed to find one - it's only taken me thirteen years of searching!  Watch this space, and a page should be appearing for that soon.  Hoping to include a bit of a buyer's guide for the Riva as well.  To make way for that, my Citroen had to be sold on, but she has moved on to a long-standing enthusiast and looks to have a long, pampered life ahead of her yet.

3rd February 2016: Sorry for the sporadic dropouts over the last couple of weeks.  Our internet connection has been randomly dropping recently, and it's not entirely clear whether it is our ISP having issues or if our router is on its last legs. 

Also have made a small update to the webpage for the Peugeot 107.

4th July 2015: Happy 4th of July to all my American Readers (and those from elsewhere who celebrate it!).  Added a page for my most recent automotive acquisition, a 1998 Citroen Xantia 1.9TD Sensation, allowing me to finally fulfill my long standing wish to own a proper green-blooded Citroen.

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