So it would seem that you have stumbled across my little corner of the internet. 

Here you will find diaries documenting my running a fleet of classic cars, information on lighting technology through the years, and pages documenting some items from my collection of vintage technology and computing.  Each of these areas has its own section linked to from the frame to the left of this page (if the frame is missing because you've arrived here from an external link click here to reload the whole page).

I welcome constructive feedback on everything here, whether positive or not, or just random queries about pretty much anything, and very much enjoy hearing people thoughts on the site.  So if you want, drop me a line, response times to email do vary, but I do attempt to respond to every one I get regarding this website. 


21st December 2022: Added some actual body text to the page for the Peugeot 306 Sedan...which has just consisted of a single photograph since...uuuh...about mid 2015 I think.

19th December 2022: Added a page for my newly (and unexpectedly) acquired Renault 25 Monaco to the automotive section.

15th December 2022: After a long, somewhat torturous development process which resulted in me re-writing the thing from scratch at least five times, the main page for my 1973 AC Model 70 is finally live in the automotive section.  I'm pretty sure this is probably the longest page anywhere on this website by a couple of orders of magnitude - it's definitely the one which has required the most brain power and lost me the most hair to write!

I participate in a number of distributed computing projects through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform.  My current credit count for the projects I am (or have been) involved in is listed below.

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