We are moving to a new ISP on TUESDAY 19th JANUARY. 

As this involves the installation of a physically new service line there may be some downtime between the deactivation of our existing service and the new one going live - plus of course the time taken for my updated IP address to propagate through the DNS servers. 

On the plus side, once the new service is live we will at long last have a proper static IP address, so the one every month or so outages should become a thing of the past.  Plus our new upload speed should be something like 50 times faster than the current one - not that with a site this basic you're likely to really notice that...especially when the server's not exactly cutting edge anyway!



So it would seem that you have stumbled across my little corner of the internet. 

Historically this website used to allow me to share my interest in lighting technology and served as a platform for me to review some related products.  However as times have changed I'm tending more towards the vintage technology side of things these days.

It's worth noting that the sections on this website will likely get a bit of a shuffle in the near future as I want to give this place a bit of a spring clean.  Quite a lot of the flashlight reviews and older bits of the lighting pages were written when I was in my teens and honestly makes me cringe to read nowadays!  Nothing will actually be deleted, but quite a few of the older pages on this site will be relocated to an archival section and the pages labelled as such.  They're still of historic interest I think so some of my regular viewers, and it'll be interesting for me sometime down the road to look back and see how far I've come! 

So, take a look at the navigation frame to the left, and pick your destination.  I welcome constructive feedback on everything here, whether positive or not, or just random queries about pretty much anything, and very much enjoy hearing people thoughts on the site.  So if you want, drop me a line, response times to email do vary, but I do attempt to respond to every one I get regarding this website. 


17th January 2021: Added the Casio PF-3000 Calculator and Data Bank to the Vintage Technology Page.  I've also rearranged the tables on that page so items are arranged in alphabetical order to make them easier to read.  I'll be doing the same elsewhere on the site in the near future.  The "as added" order made sense when there were only a handful of entries, but it's just a mess these days in most cases.

11th January 2021: Not entirely unexpectedly, within about 30 minutes of putting the main update live yesterday evening I had compiled a list of snagging work I needed to do which was *just about* successfully crammed onto two sides of A4 paper.  I think everything on that list has now been resolved.  The majority of the changes were simply (aside from fixing things that were broken!) things like ensuring the typeface and size is consistent throughout the site, ensuring that all pages have a consistently located home/back button, that every page has the StatCounter code correctly embedded in it, and ensuring that the viewport size was properly declared in the page code (to hopefully stop the Google Search console from nagging me about it!). 

As a regular reader one of the things you're most likely to notice is that the appearance of the tables on a number of the pages has changed.  After a bit of experimentation I came to the conclusion that doing away with the red table borders actually vastly reduced the visual clutter on a lot of the pages, also allowing me to space content out a little better without making things look horribly awkward.

In terms of actual site layout changes there are a couple, one of my aims going forward is to keep each of the main areas of the site more clearly separated from each other so it's easier to navigate.  The Specta, Colour Rendering Index Test and Streetlighting pages have been moved to be subsections of the Lighting Technology Section.  This just makes more sense to my mind and helps reduce clutter in the navigation frame.  They're still exactly the same pages, just the route taken to get to them is changed slightly.

The links page has also been given a going-through so everything in there should now be live again (I think the dead-link ratio on the old page was about 80%).

I'll be continuing the bug-fixing and such over the next few days as I'm sure I'll find more things I've missed.  If you spot anything glaringly obvious and/or broken please let me know!

10th January 2021: While it shouldn't be too obvious outwardly, over the last couple of days I have done a LOT of tidying up behind the scenes.  I had no idea there were so many pages opening in the wrong frames, circular links, orphaned pages I'd never linked into, pages which didn't have link buttons back to the rest of the site from etc...It basically took me a full day to sort the mess out!  I also discovered that a LOT of my pages were missing the Statcounter code....which may explain why my recorded visitor numbers have plummeted quite so much in recent years.  Yeah...having lost the cost from my template won't have helped!

I participate in a number of distributed computing projects through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform.  My current credit count for the projects I am (or have been) involved in is listed below.

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