Spectral Properties of lamps in my collection.

Please note: This page may take some considerable time to load.  It is pretty much a page full of images.  You'll also want to be using a display resolution of 1280*1024 or higher or a browser that automatically scales images.  By necessity the quality ratio of the images is pretty high as well to minimise JPEG compression artefacts.  I would rather have used PNG images - but that nearly doubled the size of some of them!

This is a pretty obvious companion to the Spectra page really.

In addition to knowing what bands of light actually make up the output from a given lamp, it's very interesting sometimes to compare side-by-side what effect they actually have on how we perceive colour. 

Below you will find a selection of photographs of the same reference image.  They quite clearly show how the colours on the image are "distorted" by different light sources.

To do side-by-side comparisons I'd suggest saving them to your hard drive and using an image viewer to flick back and forth between them - that seems to be a good way to really pick out differences.

Thanks to Paul over at All Things Lighting for creating this comparison image.

Reference image - Afternoon Daylight (clear sky).

Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

General Electric BIAX Electronic Extra Mini FLE15TBX/XM/840.  4000K.


Osram Dulux EL 11W 41-827.


Philips SL*18W Comfort (1993) - Warm White.


Sylvania Mini Lynx Pastel 11W Apricot.


Sylvania Mini Lynx Pastel 11W Rose.

Linear Fluorescent Lamps.

Cryselco F30W T8 White (1979).  4000K Halophosphate.

LED Lamps.

Philips 7W Warm White A60 LED Retrofit (will get precise model shortly...).

Incandescent Lamps.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps (Coloured).

Impact Colourspiral 15W Blue. (Coloured Glass).


Impact Colourspiral 15W Green.  (Coloured Glass).


Impact Colourspiral 15W Yellow.  (Coloured Glass).


Powerplus 13W Spiral Orange.  (Coloured Glass).