Welcome to my Lighting Technology Virtual Display Shelf.

Over the past couple of years I have started to accumulate a collection of lighting technology covering most types of technology.  I do not have the resources to actually set up a physical display of all this equipment, but I have to set up a virtual one.  This is spread over the following pages for all who are interested to see.

The sections below are fairly self explanatory, each one containing my examples of each type of lamp technology.  The number and date in brackets after the title indicates the total number of items in that category, and the last date on which something was added to that category.

Total Lamps currently on display: 86.

Incandescent (25 - 08/Mar/2012)
Mercury Vapour (3 - 22/Apr/2006)

Sodium Vapour (5 - 18/Nov/2005)

Linear Fluorescent (3 - 28/Aug/2010)

Metal Halide (5 - 24/Jan/2007)

Compact Fluorescent (38 - 12/Jul/2012)

Electrodeless Induction Lighting (2 - 06/Jul/2012)

LED (3 - 16/Sep/2010)

Others (2 -09/Aug/2009)

This section is just a brief list of any specific items which I am presently looking for.  If you think that you've got anything on this list rattling around in your loft or getting in the way every time you open the junk drawer to look for something, and you'd like it to go to a good home - please feel free to get in touch.