Computers and Calculators.

I've had an interest in all things technological and obsolete since I was a it will come as no surprise that as I've grown older that quite a collection of technological miscellanea has gathered in my home.  This covers everything from calculators to radios to televisions and even the occasional bit of industrial process control gear.  Over time I hope to get a decent chunk of these technological time capsules documented here for your interest.

Vintage Televisions.

G.E.C. BT-304

Kolster Brandes KV 024 "Deep Scene"


Vintage Radios

Bush VHF 71

Defiant MSH 452 AC

Marconiphone T19A


Vintage Calculators & Computers

Casio PF-3000

Casio PF-3000 Calculator and Data Bank

Kovac K-80D

Sharp EL-808

Toshiba T5200/200 Portable Computer

Toshiba T5200/200 Portable Computer