Below are other websites which I feel are likely to be of relevance to the reader.

Lighting and Flashlights - Manufacturers & Distributors.

Bulbs, Lamps and Tubes Direct
You'll see this one linked to from quite a number of pages on this website.  Contrary to appearances - I've no affiliation with this company!  I am however a happy customer of theirs many times over.  This is generally my first stop when looking to buy either lamps or control gear.
These guys are primarily sellers of photographic equipment.  They get a mention here though because for that reason they also stock quite a number of dififcult to find high power and/or high colour temperature fluorescent lamps.

These guys make some nigh on indestructible flashlights!  They're not flashy or anything - but designed as highly durable professional tools.

Regrettably they no longer ship to the EU however.

Many thanks to Heliotek for donating one of their products for review.

Manufacturers of some very unique looking and rather durable flashlights. 

...Never mind the domestic market looking for a flashlight...Sci-fi movie producers looking for props should take a look here too!

Many thanks to LumaRay for providing me with some of their products for review.

Lighting Collections and Enthusiast Websites

Candlepower Forums
This is where I learned a good portion of my initial knowledge about both fixed and portable lighting in the 21st century.  A very, very busy discussion board with a truly mind-boggling amount of knowledge, including a good deal of it from right at the heart of the industry.

If you need a lighting question answered - go here first!
The LED Museum
Sadly this website is largely archival now due to unfortunate circumstances on the part of its creator.

It was however the first real place where I saw flashlights being properly reviewed from the point of view of the end user - and was what inspired me to create my own reviews. 
If there's any one website out there which this one owes its existence to - it's this one.  Run by a fellow enthusiast this very professional website contains a huge amount of very, very well written information on the evolution of discharge lighting through the years. 

Recently this has also branched out from discharge lighting to also include some information on incandescent and semiconductor lighting.

In addition to the data itself, there are also items such as historic lamp catalogues, and technical videos.
Max's Homepage
A virtual trip through the years of electrical lighting.  Explantions of all major, and some lesser known technologies.
Kilokat's Antique Bulb Collectors Website and Discussion Board
This must be one of the largest collections of historic lighting equipment in the world.  Not to mention the knowledge to go with it - there's a link to a discussion board linked to the website itself there as well.
Chris M.'s Bulb Museum
Regrettably archived now, but nevertheless a nicely varied collection of old and not so old lamps and the associated equipment.
Website run by a fellow collector on the Continent.  Quite an extensive and varied collection.  While the site itself is in Czech, there is an English translation link on the front page.
English Streetlights Online
A fellow collector - albeit specialising in streetlighting equipment.  Aside from just collecting them, he's also got an extensive database on this website documenting survivors of yesteryear which are still in use today across the country.

Automotive Interest.
One of my other hobbies is working on my cars - and when I'm not crawling around underneath them fixing things (or welding plates over the holes which our Scottish climate insist in rusting in my cars floorpans!).  The following are websites which I've either used regularly in the past, or am still active on today.




Vintage Electronic Restoration and Collecting.