Links below are grouped by category, but are in no particular order!  The ones in bold are those I'd recommend particularly highly.

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Websites relating to general lighting products and streetlighting.

Bulbs, Lamps & Tubes Direct The website where I buy the vast majority of my lamps from.  If you're looking for a lamp, and they don't have it - you're probably in trouble!  They've got everything pretty much from your everyday 60W incandescents, through to metal halide, low pressure sodium (even the higher wattages!), high pressure sodium, and even blended mercury vapour lamps.  All at very good prices.  Excellent service and very fast shipping come as standard from them too.
Osram Major player in the lighting industry.  Datasheets are available here for the vast majority of their present and a fair number of older products.
LEDReps Manufacturers of a number of high power (and not so high power) LED products.
Oriol. Inc LED manufacturer, specialising in GaN LED products.
ETG Inc Vast array of products using LED technology, including LED emergency exit signs, traffic signals, indoor and outdoor signs, and so on.
Data Display Products Mainly centred around LED panel indicator lamps, though they feature a wide range of products which can cover a range of applications.
LEDTronics Makers of LED's from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Also makers of many, many LED based panel indicators, and LED retrofits for cars, buses, trucks, trains, and probably aircraft too if you look.
Smick Primarily a seller of photographic equipment - but there are a few high CCT CFL's there - including a couple of hard to find high wattage examples.
Lamptech Website of a fellow lamp collector - who I swear knows everything about discharge lighting!  Definite must see.  If there's any one information source I had to attribute most of what I've learned about this subject to - it'd be this one.  Very professional looking site as well.
Max's Homepage A trip through the years of electrical lighting.  Explanations of all major (and some lesser known) technologies.
Kilokat's Antique Bulb Collectors Site This guy has the largest collection of lighting hardware that I have ever encountered - and the knowledge to go with it too.  There's also a link to a discussion forum from here, an excellent place to drop by if you've got a question and can't find the answer written down anywhere.
Chris M.'s Bulb Museum A varied collection of antique lighting equipment and lamps.
English Streetlights Online A fellow collector of streetlighting equipment, the site covers a variety of topics from restoration of a wide variety of lanterns in his substantial collection to a record of a number survivors from yesteryear still in operation across the UK. A fellow collector on the continent - Site itself is in Czech - however there's a link on the front page for an English version.  Quite an extensive photo gallery of the large and varied collection.


Here things are still lighting related - but with a strong focus on flashlights and portable lighting devices.

Heliotek Makers of some very versatile and nearly indestructible lights.  Regrettably no longer shipping to the EU.  A review can be seen here of the HTE-1.


LumaRay LLC These guys took the rulebook for what flashlights look like, tore it up into lots of little bits, then stomped all over it - and proceeded to go and design lights that look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie...and work very, very well too!  A review of some of their products can be seen here.


Candlepower Forums The Largest lighting/flashlight discussion forum out there.  Great community, and vast knowledge base.  If you need lighting facts, ask here first.  Very unlikely you'll need to ask anywhere else!
The LED Museum Quite likely the single largest collection of flashlight reviews, LED information, LED product reviews, with a healthy collection of links to other sites as well.  A real must see.  (This place is responsible for the appearance of my reviews page!)


I enjoy messing with cars too - these are websites on that topic I've found interesting or useful over the years.

The International Skoda Forum Busy Skoda enthusiasts forum.  Covering all models, including the old rear engined Estelle/Rapid (one of which I own).
Lada UK Limited Alan Bird Car Sales.  Yes, we DO still have a Lada dealer!  He's based down in Penrith, and if it's Lada related and worth knowing it, he knows it.  He can get you parts for your Lada (fast too!) at very, very good prices, and can if you like, even import you a new Lada (albeit left hand drive only regrettably).  There's also a busy, friendly discussion forum there where you can ask for help - and I have many times!
SaabCentral Saab enthusiasts site.  Covering all models.  A lot of discussion here's moved state side over the last couple of years...
UKSaabs ...but not to this is the UK's answer to it!  If you need to know Saab stuff - go here.


Sanctuary Website written by a very close friend of mine.  He writes extremely amusing spoof video game reviews (which have been responsible for many a laughing fit at inappropriate moments when reading them at work...).  He also writes rather more serious (and extremely good) stories.  If you don't take a look, you're missing out, badly.



The Whiteboard
Highlights here include a polar bear who runs a paintball shop, and is also a very effective mad scientist.  Also features radioactive coffee, industrial strength Mountain Dew which can dissolve tarmac, frequent explosions, and an experiment where the main characters decided that it would be a good idea to try to shoot a paintball through time.  Just go and read it...just set aside a few days if you start at the beginning!

Bob & George - The Webcomic A sprite comic based on the characters from the MegaMan series of video games (remember them?) - Just really appeals to my sense of humour.
Catharsis Talking dust, nudist squirrel, scaredy dragon, normal here.  Just go read it, makes sense, really.


In A Perfect World 2.0 If you're even a little bit like me, you'll likely be able to understand every bit of this comic, and why the funny bits are funny too.  If not...well, your loss I'm afraid.


Vintage Electronics and Miscellaneous...

Mike's Electric Stuff I think there's one little quote that can be taken from one of the pages on this site which sums it all up perfectly.  "Mike's got CO2 very afraid..."  If you want to see why - well, you're just going to have to go and look.
UK Vintage Radio Restoration Has a very good getting started guide if you're considering breathing life into that old valve radio that's been hiding in the loft for the last 30 years, start here, and DO NOT plug it in right away.
UK Vintage Radio Restoration Forum Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people who can help you identify pretty much any problem you encounter with your vintage radio, no matter how obscure either the radio or the problem is!
UK Vintage Radio Service Data One-stop-shop for service data for pretty much any set out there.  This is my first stop before I start working on any set.
A little independantly run shop in Aberdeen I visit regularly, and whom I wish to offer all the support I can - so here's their link!

They stock a bewildering array of sweets, drinks and ice-cream from around the world.  Including but not limited to Mtn Dew...Which I get from there entirely too regularly!

If you're based in Aberdeen or nearby, well worth a look, they're on St. Andrew's Street just around the corner from George Street.

With the neon green and pink colour scheme, you won't miss them!


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