Well, this is without a doubt the most uninteresting page on the website...and the one that nobody on the planet will ever get around to reading.  However, common sense (which we all know is anything but common!) says that I really ought to write it.  Function of this page is simply a bunch of disclaimers, and my take on the copyright applying to my work.

Copyright, reproduction & distribution:

All work on this website, including photographs, graphics and text is I Mason unless otherwise stated.  The background excepted, that's a public domain texture I found online somewhere.

I am perfectly happy for any of my work to be copied and used elsewhere.  Whether it be in a school report, technical document, or heck, if you want to make toilet paper out of it!  Just all that I ask is that credit is given to me for it.  Copying it and claiming that it's your own, that's a very easy way to get me very hacked off, very quickly.  A lot of hours have gone into creating this website over the last 20 years.  It'd make me even happier if you just drop me a quick email beforehand letting me know that you're using such and such a photograph or bit of text.  Isn't necessary, but it'd just make me happy to know that what I'd done was enough to make someone actually want to use it!


All of the information herein is given "as is" only.  I have done my best to ensure that it is all accurate...but I'm not perfect by any means, and I can (and do, frequently!) make mistakes.  I take no responsibility for any damage to persons, premises, equipment or the fabric of the space-time continuum caused by errors in my figures, changes made by the manufacturer to the products they relate to since they were written, or errors in procedures that I may have suggested.  The basic moral of the story is: As with any technical documents, double check it yourself before doing anything!  Don't take my word for it!

  This is especially true when experimenting with discharge lighting, where mistakes can lead to many hazards, including electrocution, explosion and shortwave UV exposure.  Bottom line: Use commonsense and BE CAREFUL!

Use of Trademarked names and such:

Probably the simplest section.  Just stating that all names, of companies and their products used here are purely for referential purposes.

Page change log:

28th April 2023: Revised Statcounter code to allow for HTTPS operation.

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