This collection of lighting technology has grown quite considerably in the last couple of years (no small thanks to the MANY boxes of lamps I was donated by a generous reader of this site last couple of years - THANK YOU!).

However, I am always looking for things to add to the site - anything's of interest, electric lighting is something a lot of people take for granted, but it's something that's always evolving - and in ten years time, a lot of what you see here won't even be available.  It shall stay here though, for all interested to see.  This is both an informational resource and a museum.  A lot of these lamps are tremendously well engineered pieces of equipment, and deserve recognition.  That's what I aim to give.  Along with a safe home for any equipment concerned.

Below is a list of things I would be PARTICULARLY interested in acquiring for the collection.

Updated February 2016.

[[]] INTERLECTRIC U-LITE.  Solid state compact fluorescent lamp, quite possibly predating the Philips SL lamp.  If you have one, know someone who has one, or have any material relating to it whatsoever - even if it's just a crumpled photograph at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, please let me know.

[] MA lamps/ballasts.  Old low pressure mercury vapour lamps.  I have none of these, and it's a big gap in the collection I feel, being the first commercially successful discharge lamp and all! (One day I'd like to own an old Osira lamp...but that's just being ambitious!).

[] SLI linear sodium lamps.  A GEC "Golden Linear" SLI lamp would be something I'd be quite willing to get on my knees and grovel at the feet of someone willing to part with one of them.

[] Ballast to suit 150W White SON Lamps.

[] F20W T12 COLOURED Linear Fluorescent lamps.

[] Old Linear Fluorescent Lamps.  ESPECIALLY any with bayonet caps.

These are things I have some examples of - but would like to expand the collection of:

[] Half/Part Phosphor coated fluorescent lamps.  These were quite often seen in lab situations to demonstrate arc and electrode behaviour.

[] Low Pressure Sodium lamps.  Just a type of lighting which I have a considerable soft spot for.  Control gear and lamps (especially older ones) are very much desired.

[] Early compact fluorescent lamps.  Anyone got a Philips SL*1000 prototype still?

[] Mercury blended lamps.  I do have a few of these now, but it is an area I would like to expand on.  The older the examples the better.

[] Induction lighting - anything.  I feel somewhat honoured to have been donated the Philips QL lamp shown in the relevant section, but will always be looking to expand this section, as it's something I expect to start to appear more over the next few years. 


...And any other interesting, oddball or rare lamp to be honest!