Manufacturer: Crompton
Model: R6080RES
Application: Display/entertainment
Wattage: 60W
Diameter (max): 80mm
Length: 110mm
Tube Length: N/A
Bulb/Tube material: Glass.  Rear internally reflective coated.  Front externally red lacqured
Colour Temperature: Unknown
Peak output wavelength: N/A - Broadband Emission
Total light output: Unknown
Rated lifetime: Not Stated
Cap: E27
Operating voltage: 230V AC
Operating current: To be measured
Warmup/restrike time: N/A
Cost (original): 2.99 (Q4 2004)
Value (now): --
Place of manufacture: Not Stated
Date of manufacture: 2004
Lamp Status: Working
Notes: A normal, red coloured reflector lamp.

The black paint all over the back of this one is a result of the light leaking out here being objectionable where it was originally used - the lamp didn't come with that!
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