Archive of retired pages from this website.

This website has existed in some form or another since mid 1999.  This made me 14 when I started writing it.  Of course I've grown up a lot in the intervening years and many of the sections on this website have grown with me.

Some areas however I feel need more than the occasional re-wording and metaphorical "lick of paint."  They simply do not stand up to scrutiny nowadays on a variety of levels, and as such these areas of the website I feel require to be rebuilt completely from scratch if they were to reappear.

However I don't think simply deleting pages is the way forward, so I've kept them online in archival form - with clear disclaimers on the page to that effect.  If nothing else, it might be an interesting time capsule for me to look back into one day to see how far I've come.

The following sections which have been removed from the main site index can be viewed below:

Archived Flashlight Review Page

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